Quality Woodenware and Beekeeping Supplies

Bees: Nucs & Packages. Honey: Wildflower, Sourwood, Gallberry & Classes

Lanier Bee Barn is located in Commerce, Ga. We produce quality woodenware for beekeepers. 

In addition, we sell:
* Supplies:  smokers, veils, tools, gloves, etc. Everything for beekeeping!
* Italian bees:   Nucs (5 frame) and 3 lb. Packages (w/mated queen): 
now taking 2024 orders (call or email)
* Honey:  award-winning wildflower, gallberry and sourwood honey!
* Beekeeping classes  <Class Details and Schedule>

Whether you are a hobbyist, sideliner, or commercial beekeeper, we can supply 10-frame, 8-frame and 5-frame components.