We supply quality components for 10-frame, 8-frame, and 5-frame hives. All items are available for pickup at The Barn, since we currently do not ship. Quantity discounts (over 5) are available (contact us for a quote).

Components are built from Select quality Spruce to last many years. We offer box joint construction (which is the strongest) and rabbet joint (still very strong and saves a little money).

We also sell all other beekeeping supplies such as gloves, veils, smokers, tools, etc.

<Download Price List Here> You may fill it out and either fax, email or phone in your order. Fax is: 706-520-0415.

Hive Bodies: Deep (9 5/8 in.)
**note the box joint corners and extra long hand-holds
(shown with bottom board and inner cover sold separately)

Hive Bodies Deep Medium or Shallow

Supers: Medium (6 5/8), Shallow (5 5/8 in.)
**note the box joint corners and extra long hand-holds

Inner Cover with jar feeder/ventilation holes and upper entrance

Telescoping Cover with metal

5-Frame Deep Nuc (shown with reversible bottom board, inner cover, flat cover sold separately)

Bottom Boards: Screened (with IPM slot) or reversible solid

Travelling Deep Nuc (2-piece: body with bottom and lid with feeder hole) 1/2 in. plywood
This nuc is great for transporting your new nuc frames as well as a great swarm box!

5-Frame Nuc body (illustrating the rabbet joint corner)