We supply quality components for 10-frame, 8-frame, and 5-frame hives. All items are available for pickup at The Barn, since we currently do not ship. Quantity discounts (over 5) are available (contact us for a quote).

Components are built from Select quality Spruce or white pine to last many years. We offer box joint construction (which is the strongest) and rabbet joint (still very strong and saves a little money).

We also sell all other beekeeping supplies such as gloves, veils, smokers, tools, etc.

<Download Price List Here> You may fill it out and either fax, email or phone in your order. Fax is: 706-520-0415.

Hive Bodies: Deep (9 5/8 in.)
**note the box joint corners and extra long hand-holds
(shown with bottom board and inner cover sold separately)

Hive Bodies Deep Medium or Shallow

Supers: Medium (6 5/8), Shallow (5 5/8 in.)
**note the box joint corners and extra long hand-holds

Inner Cover with jar feeder/ventilation holes and upper entrance (This is the Lanier Inner Cover, not the factory cover.  There is a small upcharge for this inner cover).

Telescoping Cover with metal

5-Frame Deep Nuc (shown with reversible bottom board, inner cover, flat cover sold separately)

Bottom Boards: Screened (with IPM slot) or reversible solid

5-Frame Nuc body (illustrating the rabbet joint corner).  The standard is the box/finger joint as seen in the background.